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phonepe offers

Hello Guys,
Today I am going to tell you about the offer of phonepe. Now, most of the people know that Phonepe is offering 75rs on referring to someone. But, only some people know it gives more than that. When you are installing it for the first time will get more than 75 rs. Let me show you how.
Requirements:- Smartphone and Bank account linked with your number.

  Steps to get money into your wallet.

 – FOR 75RS

1.  Download phonepe app from here. 

2. Now, Install this app and make your ID on it. Making Id is very easy. ( Make your ID with the number in which your bank account is linked)

phonepe offers

3. Now,  after making your Id, Link your bank account with it.

4. Set Mpin or you pin using your bank  ATM Card( it will ask you for your last 6- digit number and for expiry date)
  After completing these Steps will get 75 instantly on your wallet.
 Jinke pass bank account nhi hai wo paytm pe account open kar sakte hai.

– For 20rs

phonepe offers
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1. Now, After complete the upper steps. Come on the  main screen of the app
2. Click on Check Balance. Click on that.
3. When you click on the check balance and successfully check your bank balance. They will add 20rs on your wallet.
Yes, Guys they are giving 20rs for checking the balance only.

Now, In phonepe there is a offer where you can earn up to 1000 for sending the money for the first time with your UPI address and for the fifth time your UPI address.

You have to send the money with your phonepe UPI to another phonepe UPI. Only then you will get the cashback. Try to send more than 500  to get the maximum cashback.
Loot lo.

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