HDFC on chat Messenger loot

HDFC on chat Messenger Recharge loot Offer.

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Previously I have posted a loot article in HDFC on Chat messenger. But after posting the article the offer expired in some days. But it is live again now but with a little bit of changes.
Changes like:-

  • They have reduce the Reffering amount. Now , the Reffering amount is Rs40

  •  You can’t use all your earning. Just  half of them to get a discount in recharges, bill payments and many more.

Now, let’s Recall what was the offer about.

Hdfc on chat is offering refer and earn points. You can do free Recharge, electricity bill payments and many with these poitns. 

All you have to do is refer HDFC on chat with freinds. You will get Rs40 for every successful Refer. 

The best thing about this offer is you don’t have to install any apps. All you need is a Facebook messenger and now a days almost every body have that.

First let me explain you what is HDFC on Chat messenger is:-

HDFC on chat Messenger is a service where you can chat to:-

 Use the below services :-
  • Recharge your mobile phone
  • Pay your utility bills like postpaid mobile, electricity, DTH, data card and
  • Book a cab from Ola or Uber
  • Seamless discovery and booking of buses

HDFC Bank OnChat is at your service 24/7.

HDFC Bank OnChat can be used by everyone whether you are an HDFC Bank customer or not.You can do all these stuff by HDFC on chat.
And also you can earn all lot free recharge with this all you have to do is refer to your friends.  As I said the best thing about this all you don’t have to install any other apps other than FB messenger.

Now, let’s see how you can get these points

Requirements:- updated FB messenger and a working number.

Follow these steps to complete this offer:-
– Firstly, Download the latest version of      Facebook and log in with your account.

– Then click here.

– When you click on the link it will redirect you to the messenger.

– After then HDFC chat header will open. And it will ask you for your Number. So, send your phone number on chat 

– Then you will verification code via SMS. Type that code and send the verification code to HDFC on chat and your number will be verified successfully

– Now, type refer and send to the chat. And wait for few seconds

– After sending refer to HDFC on chat will you get your referer  link via SMS.

– Now, Copy that link and send it to your friends. And earn free points to recharges and more

How to do Recharge:-

1. Type Recharge on HDFC  Chat.

2. Select Prepaid or Postpaid.

3. Now, Type your circle and your number and. Do the recharge.

4. Now type the amount you want to recharge.

5.Now,  You Will Get Many Payment Option Select Any One

6. If You Able To Refer  more than 2 Friends Yo Will Get Free Recharge Of 100 Otherwise ( this is only for lucky customer, only some people get free recharge) 

You Will Get 40% Of (Doing Recharge)

Finally Make Payment 40% Of Full Amount and half of the payment will be paid by your referral cash.

Thank you Guys.

We will try to get back with more tricks that can earn you a lot. Till then keep visiting our site and earn unlimited.

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