How to Read deleted messages from WhatsApp

Read Deleted message on whatapp

How to read deleted messages from WhatsApp.

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Today we are going to discuss how you can read deleted messages from WhatsApp.

We all know about WhatsApp and I can bet Everyone of us use it. WhatsApp is a very handy App. We can Chat, Send Images or Send Vedio to anyone very easily. According to WHATSAPP 1 BILLION people use its chat App everyday.

Recently, WhatsApp have launched a new ‘Delete for Everyone’s features for the there users. But the question is Do those message really delete from the Phone? 
A new report claims that whatsApp  message that are deleted are actually still on the device and Can be easily accessed.

When someone sent you message it stores on your Andriod notification center. It just a matter entering the record and see the message that the other person deleted.

So, Today In this Article I am going to tell How you can Read Deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Basically, there is Two ways From which you can READ DELETED MESSAGE ON WHATSAPP.

The first way which is little bit hard and work for only someone that’s why I am not Going to show you. But the second One is very easy and works for Everyone. We had tested it.

Now, Let’s see How you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp


1. Firstly, you have to Download What’s removed App from Here.

2. Install The App, Then Open it Normally.

3. Now, Allow all permissions for the App

4. Now, Every Notification you will get from Now on, It will be Saved on the this App.

Now, When Someone will send you some message and delete it after you receive the message you will be able to read those messages because it will be saved on your history.

There is some limitations :-

  • Only about first 100 characters of the message will be visible.

  • Only text messages can be recovered. Images or video messages, if deleted by the sender will display the usual message “This message was deleted.

  • Notification log saves message only for a few hours. So after a long time, messages might not be retrievable.
  • If you erase the notification log, for example, by using a cleaner, you will not be able to see the message. The messages will be unrecoverable even when you have restarted the phone.

  • Your must have to receive the message. Means your Internet should be on.

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