10 Cool WhatsApp New Feature Of 2018 that You Didn’t Know About.

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature

I can bet that each of us carries one common App “WhatsApp” on our phone and use it daily in our life. and it’s common that you miss some of the new features that added recently. You get the notification of the update and you update the App and start using as you were doing earlier. That’s why Today I have written 10 cool WhatsApp new feature that you didn’t notice. So, Let’s Get Started.

WhatsApp New Updated Version For Android:- Download

WhatsApp New Updated Version For iPhone:- Download

1. Send WhatsApp Message Using Your Google Assistant or Siri.

This is an awesome WhatsApp New feature that company added recently in their App. You can easily send someone WhatsApp message by using your mobile assistant.

Let’s say you have to send someone message but you are busy doing another work, where typing isn’t the Option. In the past, you have to drop the work to send the message, but not now, You don’t need to worry WhatsApp has got you. Now, you can use the voice Assistant on your phone to send WhatsApp messages. And the best thing is it supports both Google Assistant and Siri.

To Do that, iPhone users can call out “Hey Siri”

And then say this Phrase. Send a message to <contact name> on WhatsApp. After that Siri will ask you to dictate your message. Just say what you want to write and then say “Yes” or “Send it”. The procedure is almost the same for the Android users. The only difference is that You only have to call out “Ok Google” instead of “Hey Siri”.


2. Listen To Your Voice message Secretly without Headphones.

This is a very cool WhatsApp New Feature and I am very thankful to WhatsApp for giving this to us.

Suppose, You get a private voice message to your WhatsApp and you are hanging with your Freinds or you have peoples around you and then you realized that you don’t have an earphone with you. But, you need to hear that message. What will you do? Surely, you can’t just play it on speaker and let everybody hear it. You are out of Options, Right. Don’t worry there is a solution to it.

Just Play the message and Place your Phone to your ears like you are taking a call. The proximity Sensor will activate and instead of a speaker it will Play the message on your earpiece, and You will be able to hear your private message Secretly without anyone knowing around you. Amazing Right.

3. Change your Text font.

With this WhatsApp New Feature, you can format your Text while sending a message with WhatsApp. You can Change the Font or You can Change the Format of the text to make it Italic, Bold or Strike Through. You can use this feature on both iPhone and Android. So, let’s show you How you can do this.

To change the format text in your WhatsApp. You just have to use this ( `) grave accent Character 3 times before and after your text to Activate the format changing feature.

Whatsapp New Feature

Now, To make your text font bold just type (*) before and after your text and send it. When you do that the Text font will change into bold.

To make your text font Italic just type (_) before and after your text.

To make your text strikethrough. Just type (~) before and after your text. You can see the below images to understand it better.

Whatsapp New Featurewhatsapp new feature


4. Show Your Status Whom You Want To.

Showing Status on WhatsApp is a great feature of WhatsApp with this you can tell something to everyone on WhatsApp without sending a personal message to them But at the same time, it is bad too.

What If you don’t want to show your status to everyone. That’s where the new WhatsApp New feature will help you. With the new status privacy feature, you can select whom you want to share your status with. Amazing Right.

Let’s see how.

To show your status to choose one Only. You can go to WhatsApp Settings>account>Privacy>Status. Here you will have 3 Options.

  • You can share your status with contacts
  • You can add specific contact whom you want to share your status with.
  • You can also select people whom you don’t want to see your status.

WhatsApp new Feature

5. Customize the Alert tone for Specific.

With this WhatsApp New Feature, you can customize the Alert tone For each chat conversation on WhatsApp. This could help you identify the person who messages you by listening to the alert tone.

You can set this up by tapping on the name of the chat window and then view contact and there you will find custom notification. Then select the alert sound which you want for that chat.

6. Group Video and Voice Calls

WhatsApp added voice call and video call feature in the app in last year. Using Calling feature in WhatsApp is completely free. But it was only restricted to one – on – one call. This is changed Now, After the latest update, they added another amazing feature where you are no longer restricted to one – on – one conversation. Whatsapp new Feature Of group voice call or video call lets you talk with Up to 3 other people at the same time.

To start a group Video call or voice call, you first need to call one person, Once that call is on, Just Tap the little user icon at the top right corner of the chat to add another person.

Note:- You can’t just two another person together, so just add them one after another.

7. Catch Up in Group Chats.

Group Chat is an awesome way of contacting many people at the same time but sometimes it can be messy also. But after the latest update, WhatsApp has made some changes in the Group Chats. To make it simple they have added some new features like:-

Catch Up:- They have added a new ‘@’ button. Which appears at the bottom right of the chat when you were mentioned by someone.

Suppose you were away and someone has said something to you or quoted you. In the older version, you wouldn’t have the idea that you missed something. But with this new ‘@’ feature you can catch up on what you have missed.

To Know If something about you You might have missed in Group Chats while you were away. Just Open the Chat and see that @appears in the bottom right corner or not. If it does it means that means someone has quoted you. Just click on the @ button and see what you have might miss.

8. Protection From Re-adding.

WhatsApp New Feature

Group Admin don’t need your consent in adding you to a group. But this, not a big deal. If someone added you to a group in which you don’t want to be. You can just leave the Group. But what If someone added you again. Then, this could be irritating, Right. But Not After the new Updates. Now, If you leave the Group. Group Admin can’t just add you immediately.

9. Demote Admins

whatsapp new feature

This is another WhatsApp new feature. This new Group feature allows the group admin to demote the other admin in a group to a participant without removing them from a group.

To demote the other admin. Just Open the Group. Go to the admin section and select which admin you want to dismiss from the Group Admin. Click on the person and then select dismiss from the admin.

10. Media Visibility (Android Only):-

This is an amazing feature and I personally loved this. However, the only bad thing about this feature is that it is only for Android users but that’s okay we can manage with that. At least something for the Android Users, Right.

This WhatsApp New Feature now allows Android Users to control the media content that they want to see in their Phone’s Gallery. Either you accept it or not, It is true that We use WhatsApp for all kind of messages. Every day, we download dozens of photos and Photos we receive.

But, there is some photos or videos we download which we don’t want to show up in our gallery. But previously we only got two options either Delete it or don’t download it.

But After this Update, we have one more option. WhatsApp now allows Android users to download that media files In WhatsApp but prevent it from showing in our gallery.

To access this feature user will first have to tap on any individual Chat or Group Chat. Then Press the vertical 3 dots button and select view contact. After this there you will find media visibility option right under the custom notification option.

Click On the media visibility option. Then it will ask you that you want to show newly download media from this chat in your phone’s gallery?. You can select it according to your preference.
Note:- This WhatsApp New Feature is only available in the Beta Verison of the app. The full version has does not have the option yet. But it will be added soon.

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    August 24, 2018

    Wow.. thanks Technobhaiya for information… I was not knowing that I can use Siri to send my msgs..worth following you..keep updating us


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