Big Bazaar Loot : Collect your Free Voucher Now

Big Bazaar Loot

Big Bazaar Loot:- Get Free 100Rs Big Bazaar Voucher by Playing Game (For All Users)

Big Bazaar Launched a new loot for all of their users in this Big Bazaar Loot users have to Play an easy Game for 30Seconds and Get Free Big Bazaar Voucher of Rs100. and with some applying some trick you can get free vouchers unlimited times.

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In this Post, I am Going to Tell about  Big Bazaar loot where you can get 100Rs Voucher By Just a simple Playing game. This an amazing Offer Guys But this is also a Limited time offer. So let’s talk about this Details.

Big Bazaar Recently Launched a new Offer where You Have to Play A easy Game and Get Free Voucher. The Game is very easy Guys. In the game, you will have a cart and you have to catch and falling birds. For every Bird, you Catch you will get 1point for it. There will be also some items falling which you don’t have to catch and if you catch it you will get (-1) as a penalty. You will have 30 seconds to catch the falling birds and Score points. You can also continue to Play the Game.

Note:- Your money will be credited on Your Future pay wallet on 10th August. Which will only be valid from 11th August to 15th August?


Now, let’s See How to Start this Big Bazaar Loot

1. First of All Open the Given Link in your Chrome Browser:- BIG BAZAAR

big bazaar loot

2. Click on How to Play Option.

3. You must have to Move your Cart and Collect the Falling birds.

4. Must Remember You have to Avoid The below Objects otherwise you will get -1 point as a penalty.


big bazaar loot


5. Now, Click on Begin and Start Collecting the birds. You only have 30seconds.

6. You can play this Game as Much as you want and At the End Of the Game, You will see Your Score.

They Have Set Voucher Amount as Per Your Score.

  • A score between 30 to 50:- 50Rs Voucher
  • A score between 51 to 75:- 75Rs Voucher
  • A score between 76 to100:- 100Rs Voucher.

Big Bazaar Loot


Now, How To Claim Your Free Voucher.

1. To claim your Voucher just click on Claim your Voucher option and Enter your name and Mobile Number.

2. Now, Download Future Pay App from play store and Enter the same mobile number and name which you have enter in above step.

big bazaar loot

3. After completing all the Steps You will Get Your Free Voucher on 10th August.

You can use this Free Voucher for the Duration of 11th August to 15tg August.



You can Also Collect more Vouchers in your other number by just following these Simple Steps.

1. Open Incognito Mode In your Browser.

2. Now, Open this link in Incognito Mode:- Big Bazaar

3. Play the Game and Collect your Free Vouchers in other Number.

4. You can Repeat this Step 1-4 times.


So have Fun guys, And Share this to your Friends and Family.

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