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Flipkart Plus Subscription and benefits.

Flipkart is about to launch Flipkart Plus on 15th of August to take on Amazon prime. And in this Article, I am going to show you how you can activate your Flipkart Plus Subscription free for 1 year and the benefits of Flipkart Plus.


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As you all know Flipkart is one of the most popular shopping sites in India with millions of products available on it. Flipkart provides good Service and best deals for their users. And Now, On Wednesday the 1st of August, they announced that they are going to launch Flipkart Plus on 15th August to take on Amazon Prime. You know Flipkart and Amazon have been rival of each other since the beginning.

In past years, Flipkart was giving Amazon neck to neck competition. But Amazon prime changed everything. Amazon prime helped the Amazon to become India’s No.1 Shopping site. According to Wikipedia Amazon prime have now 100 million subscribers. but Now, Flipkart is back with Flipkart Plus to take on the Amazon. let’s talk about is what is Flipkart plus and what benefits will it give to the users?

Firstly, What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a benefits programme intend to reach customer with No- Fee membership and range of options on rewards. This programme also promises free and fast delivery services for their users.

What are the benefits of Flipkart plus subscription?

Free Membership:-Membership will be totally free for all users.

Fast Delivery:- Before Amazon Prime Launched, Amazon was not so good at delivery. At that time If you place Order of Something from Amazon. They take weeks to deliver it. But Now, If you are an Amazon Prime member then you will get your order in within two days. Flipkart Plus promises to bring the same delivery service as Amazon prime for you. When you will Activate your Membership. You will get your order within 1 or 2days.

Free Delivery:- Free Delivery will be an amazing benefit of Flipkart Plus. For example. If we purchase something from Flipkart of worth Rs 100 then on the payment time delivery charges gets add and make the item of worth Rs 160 or 170. For every product, we order we have to pay 60 or 70 Rupees more for Delivery. But with Flipkart Plus we don’t have to pay any delivery Charges. We will only have to pay our product Amount.

Early Access To The Sales:-Members will get Early Access to all of the sales on Flipkart like On Big billion day sals and Big Shopping Days, Members will get an early Access to the sale.

Get Rewards:- If You Order something from Flipkart we won’t get anything extra. But If have Membership You will get Rewards Coin for every Product You Order From Flipkart.

(On order Of 250 we will get 1Reward Coin)

Coins can be Redeem For Various Vouchers of Flipkart. (50coins = 1000Rs Flipkart Voucher)

Free Annual Flipkart Plus Subscription with Coins:- In starting they are offering free membership for 1 year. But After 1 years you don’t have to pay anything for Membership you can activate your Membership with Reward Coins.

Superior Customer support:- Members will get a faster response time during customer support.

Now, let’s See How you can activate your Membership for free. Flipkart Plus Service is launching on 15th of August but Following below steps, you can activate your free subscription Right Now.


flipkart plus


How To Activate Flipkart Plus Subscription Free For 1 Year.

1. Firstly, Uninstall your Flipkart App and Download the latest version from below link.


2. Open the App and Login to your old Flipkart account.

3. Now, Go to Menu and Click on My Account.

4. Click on Flipkart Plus Zone And Click on Join for Free Options.

5. You will be credited 50coins to activate Free Membership. (wait for some time you will get the notification)

6. Now, Flipkart logo will change to Flipkart Plus logo.

7. Hurray! Now you got your free membership.

If you haven’t got any Reward Coin. wait for some time you will surely credit with 50Coins.


What’s is the Difference between Amazon prime and Flipkart plus.

There are only differences between Flipkart and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime:- If you are Prime Member then you have to pay to get Annual Subscription.

Flipkart Plus:- There Services are free for 1year but After 1 year you don’t have to pay. You can get Annual  Subscription free with their Reward Coins.


So, Enjoy Guys and If you have any Problem drop in a comment



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