Paytm Tap Card An Offline Payment Solution

Paytm Tap Card

Paytm launches offline payment Solution. Paytm Tap Card

Paytm which is India’s most Popular digital Payment Portal has introduced a new way of payment Paytm Tap Card. It can be used to make offline payments. Means If you don’t have an internet connection. You can use it to make offline Payments.

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Paytm Tap Card

Today In this Article we will talk about Paytm Tap Card a new way of payment launched by the Paytm which is India’s most popular digital Payment portal. So let’s get started.

Paytm has come up with a new concept of offline Payment Paytm Tap Card. With the help of Paytm Tap Card. Now, the Users Can pay offline. This is an NFC (near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other) based offline payment solution. Paytm also claims that with the new Tap Card, offline Payments can be made in 0.5 seconds.


Firstly, What Is Paytm Tap Card?

It is a card that uses NFC to transfer money to a company – authorized Point of Sale terminals. This is made to aim at non-internet Users. Paytm also Claims that it is very safe to use.



What Does It Need To Work?

There are Two Important Factors to make this work.

First, one is, Paytm Issued NFC PoS Terminals, which merchants will need to install in their store. An Add Value Machine (AVM) which will help on Scan the card and extract the Payment.

The second one is, Paytm Tap Card. Which Paytm will start issuing soon. Hence, it is not clear that the Tap Card will issue for free or they will take some money for it.

Now, Let’s How You Can Use Paytm Tap Card to Make Offline Payments.

Let’s Suppose, You are On Store to buy Something and Don’t Have Any Cash on You. But You have a Paytm Account with balance on it and Payment Tap card but don’t have any Internet Connection to make Payments.

Then, You can Simply Open Your Paytm App and Scan the QR code on Paytm Tap card and load your own money on Tap Card.

Now, The Paytm Tap Card will scan at Add Value Machines (AVM) at the merchant store, which uses NFC mechanism to extract payment.

Note:- (If you already have money in your Paytm Tap Card you don’t even need your phone to Make Payments)

Simple Isn’t. Without Using anĀ Internet at any point. You can use Paytm to transfer money.

My personal thoughts on Paytm Tap Card is that this is something amazing. It is fast and reliable. It can be helpful for every user which tends to use digital payment portal to make payments.

In the Recent Interviews Kiran Vasireddy, COO of Paytm said, “We are aggressively pushing digital payments to users from every walk of life. There are a large number of people who at times do not have access to the Internet or they have a limited daily budget so they shy away from using online payments. For them, we offer the Paytm Tap Card to enable seamless offline payments. For ensuring a wider acceptance, we are also reaching out to the merchants and are actively enabling them with NFC PoS terminals to accept payments without Tap Card. This is a true testimony of our commitment to understanding the needs of our users and creating innovative solutions around it”.


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